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The Impossible Truth

Detective Conan RPG

The Impossible Truth- Detective Conan RPG
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The rpg is moderated by kaitou_1412 and hattori_heiji.

-Age 15+
-Minimum: 1 paragraph per post, 1 post per week.
-Players are suggested to add the journal to email notification or friends list.

The story begins on a fine late April afternoon across the major cities of Japan. The new school term started nearly a month ago and students are finally reaching their first major break; the Golden Week. However, things are not all that bright and cheerful for certain famous detectives. People they care about are disappearing, and the only clues they are given are the challenge notices from a mysterious source. What is happening to the kidnapped victims? Just who are involved? What do the kidnappers want?

The answer to these questions lie in the new Impossible Truth Rpg!


1) The moderator(s) are responsible for the smooth running of this RPG and therefore will have the last say in any argument or discussion. If dispute arises from the decision, there may then be a voting session with all the players where the majority vote answer will be accepted.

2) Respect fellow roleplayers. Everyone is in this game together and it is dependent on the cooperation of all the players for it to run smoothly.

3) Players are not allowed to take problems into their own hands. If OOC unhappiness ensues, it is strongly suggested that the problem is presented to the moderator(s) to let (s)he play the conciliator party.

4) Please request a character with the moderators when requesting to joining the RPG. A writing sample of minimum one paragraph is required for the character if (s)he is a canon character, and a full character profile (general information, physical appearance, personality, occupation, history, etc.) if (s)he is an original character. Moderators have the right to turn down the request if they believe the given item is inadequate.

Role Playing

5) Players are responsible for their characters and their characters only. No controlling of other characters (autoing) are allowed unless given special permission. If there is an important character from the show but untaken and a player wishes to NPC them temporarily, they can talk to the moderator(s) as a special request.

6) If responsible for a canon character, play him/her as (s)he would in the series. Do not purposefully make choices unfitting of the character if knowing it is not their style. Severe, conscious OOCness in playing a character may result in having the right to play the character removed.

7) Major events and plot developments must be conferred with the moderators for permission before it could take place. (ie: huge bombings, serious injuries of non-npc characters, etc.)

8) RP format is acceptable for both IM roleplay where the edited logs are posted on the community journal, or direct rp posts made on the journal, but the final product must be posted on the community in order to be counted as a valid part of the community storyline.


9) Posts at the moment are moderated and members need approval before posting. This will be only for the first post per member, and once things are in order, members can post freely. Please do not abuse the right and follow the rules, or free posting access may be taken away.

10) This is a RPG community. Posts are reserved for IC roleplaying only, and only posts are for roleplaying. Comments are reserved for OOC banter, and IC characterization may be used, but comments will not be counted as a part of the community storyline. Any post made in the community that is not roleplaying in origin must be marked with OOC in the subject line. Unmarked OOC posts risk deletion.

11) Post length has a minimum of one paragraph or else risk deletion. No single word posts are allowed under any circumstance. There is no maximum limit (but preferably do not write a novel). Any post above one paragraph in length must be summarized. Read the next rule for details.

12) For posts above one paragraph, please use an lj-cut. For the cut text, please write a one paragraph (or less) summary about the content of the post. The length of this summary should not exceed more than 5-6 sentences (possibly even only 1-2), even when the actual post is a lengthy collaboration post. This is to allow busy rpers to skim the boards and be kept up to date without reading individual posts. However, it is strongly recommended that if players have time, that they do read the actual posts.

13) This is an active RPG. Players are expected to post a minimum of once per week, preferably more. If knowing one would be away, please inform moderators and properly remove the played character as to not disrupt any ongoing storyline by having an inactive character. For long periods of away time (over one month), a temporary replacement may be appointed by the moderator if the character is a main one.

14) Creating specific LiveJournals for individual characters is not mandatory. However, when posting an IC post for a character, the icon / avatar attached to the post must show that character. This is to prevent confusion amongst people who decide to use personal journals to join this rpg.

15) An exception to the above rule is when one post encompasses more than one character (ie: collaboration post of characters, IM logs, etc.). Then at least one character featured inside the post must be shown on the avatar, and at the bottom of the post, a line saying "Involved Characters: XXX & YYY" should be included. This also allows for skimming of specific character made posts easier.

Main Group

Edogawa Conan / Kudo Shinichi - smalldetective
AIM: Blooappal || AIM (IC): tinytantei || Email: mopmistress [gmail]

Side Group

Agasa Hiroshi (Hakase) - prof_sunshine
AIM: dagronrat || MSN: dagronrat [at] hotmail [dot] com

Haibara Ai - smallscientist
tantei_whispers || AIM: notadetective || MSN: neko_mew_ichigo [at] hotmail [dot] com || Email/YIM: xshinranx [at] yahoo [dot] com

Hakuba Saguru - hakuba_saguru
racheyrae ||

Hattori Heiji - hattori_heiji
touma_karamochi || AIM: tomachan3 || Email: toma.chan [at] gmail [dot] com

Kuroba Kaito - kaitou_1412
AIM (IC): Clueless Tantei || Email/MSN: Request for information.

Mouri Ran - vermouth_angel
ran_dezvous || Email/YIM: graziellabucao [at] Yahoo [dot] com || Email/Google Talk: randezvous1990 [at] gmail [dot] com

Nakamori Aoko - bluebirthday
AIM: somethingstyx || personal LJ: anesidorian

Toyama Kazuha - toyama_kazuha
AIM: Unomielmoo || MSN: unomiel [at] hotmail [dot] com

Original Characters (Click name to see profile)