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The Impossible Truth
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((ooc: cripes I've been so busy with work and other matters I've barely had much of a chance to get online... -___- I'm going on a weekend trip again after work tomorrow, but from what I hear I should have net access... :/ ))

Heiji has a few choice words about being reimbursed as the taxi stops in front of the groupCollapse )
20th-Nov-2009 12:01 am - Attn Adventurers: Decoy?

(>>; I'm sorry. I got swamped with final essays and projects and studying for finals and also got sick. Gonna try and keep up with what date it is.)
16th-Nov-2009 11:22 pm - OOC: Hiatus Notice
sad, longing
I probably should've mentioned this in my post last week, but I thought I'd be able to post this weekend. Guess I was wrong, then. ^^* Anyway, before I end up getting kicked out of the game, I just wanted to let you guys know I'll be on hiatus until the 29th. I've been pretty busy lately with my internship and all, and the only time I get to use the Internet (for the most part) would be during weekends. Now, I'll be taking the University of the Philippines Law Aptitude Exam (UP LAE), a highly competitive entrance exam to one of the most prestigious law schools in my country, on the 22nd. Which doesn't really give me much of a weekend, considering I have classes the day before. That, and I actually intend to sleep early come Saturday night—I need my brain in top condition!

So yeah, I hope I wouldn't be delaying the game too much, and I'll try to get back sooner from my hiatus if I can. Wish me guys luck!
lucky, bingo
Ran feels quite elated with the professor's answer, and tells him about the clothes in her and Kazuha's room.Collapse )

(OOC: Sorry for being a day late! Posting using the iPod Touch has been rather a pain. >__<)
of DOOM!
As both of the Mods are entering into a busy time of the month this week - Kaito-mod is taking three intensive tests in the next week, and Heiji-mod is going on a trip for Halloween weekend - we've decided to give everyone a treat and give you the week off from posting. The due-dates will be changed shortly to reflect this, however feel free to post if you want to during that time.

Enjoy the Halloween weekend, everyone!
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