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The Impossible Truth
Detective Conan RPG
Attention Group Adventurers: NPC Info post 
21st-Jan-2010 12:41 am
npc zombie
[[We the mods sincerely apologize for our absence and for being not able to continue the plot-line for the Adventurers group. Heiji-mod has been getting ready for school while battling health issues and work issues, and Kaito-mod dropped right into the midst of tons of schoolwork again. However, we're going to do better at keeping up the action, and are in the midst of locating new RPers for Aoko and Haibara...

Again, sincere apologies -_-;;;;;]]

After what probably seems like eternity, if one concentrates enough footsteps can be heard coming down the hallway.

"---still sure they are asleep though, we hit them with enough stuff," said the young man known as Hojo.

"Yes, but I want to make sure we don't have any trouble." This speaker was dressed as if going to a party, though he'd taken off the jacket and rolled up the shirt-sleeves. "Especially since we don't get paid if we mess things up, and I don't want to be kept--" As the voices drifted nearer, the footsteps stopped as the voices did. "Wait a minute, something's happened here, let's find out!" Running steps nears where the girls and Hakase are located, and the door bursts open...

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