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The Impossible Truth
Detective Conan RPG
Attention Detectives: Hakuba, Conan and Kaito - Going towards the target building 
15th-Jan-2010 11:45 pm
sad, thinking

Heiji had grabbed his bags out of the taxi and handed one to Conan to carry. He turned around, and heard 'Kudo' talk about what to do in the half-hour they had to get there. He gave a sour look at Kudo's remark to Conan, but said, "Well, as I said before, I don't think he'll jus' let them go once we get there, so yeah, tha' would be a good idea. I'd suggest perhaps chalk or some kind'a markin' device, since th' driver mentioned there's rooms all over and built inta th' hillside as we saw... I think I have somethin' like tha' in my kit." He patted his coat pocket and turned to look at the building again, "If the inside is as bad as th' outside, perhaps th' floors could be weakened or holes in th' walls."

"Dunno if we'd need rope, but I doubt if we could get it withou' arousin' suspicion..." He shrugged and looked at Hakuba and Conan, "Anythin' else? At least we got food since I doubt he'd feed his 'guests'..." Heiji said with an expression mixed with worry and exasperation. "Nothin' else, we can plan on th' way since we should get going."

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