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The Impossible Truth
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The professor tensed as he heard the kidnappers draw near. He kept his eyes firmly shut as the door slammed open, while offering a silent prayer.

It was time for the girls to act.
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[[We the mods sincerely apologize for our absence and for being not able to continue the plot-line for the Adventurers group. Heiji-mod has been getting ready for school while battling health issues and work issues, and Kaito-mod dropped right into the midst of tons of schoolwork again. However, we're going to do better at keeping up the action, and are in the midst of locating new RPers for Aoko and Haibara...

Again, sincere apologies -_-;;;;;]]

Footsteps....Collapse )
determined, serious
Ran is nervous.Collapse )

(OOC: Mod input would surely be nice right now. Plzktnx.)
2nd-Jan-2010 12:40 am - Attn Adventurers: Alright Professor
Kazuha tells the professor to play dead or something.Collapse )

(I'm sorry I'm so late >_< I'm not at home. Feel free to IM me if you see me online with ideas or concerns.)
concerned, panicked, distressed, worried
Wishing Shinichi was with them, Ran hastily comes up with a plan.Collapse )

(OOC: Finally, after more than a month of being in hiatus, I'm back! First poster of the year, woot~! Fellow Adventurers, hope this post is satisfactory enough. ^^*)
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Hello, hope everyone is having a good holidays/break. I do want to remind everyone that I put the due dates for posting on January 1st, so here's a brief recap:

For the detectives: They are riding in the taxi, Conan's wondering about getting to use his gadgets, and Heiji is talking to the taxi driver, who has just let slip a little gem of information.

For the adventurers: Kazuha and Aoko have come back to let Ran and Agasa know that the captors in the hallways with them are coming to check on them. Agasa has seemed to come up with a plan, but Haibara still is stuck in a sub-room below one of the rooms on the other side of the hallway.

Hopefully I didn't miss anything, but please feel free to go back to past posts to review for your new posts.

Have a Happy New Years! :)
18th-Dec-2009 12:16 am - OOC: ...Headcount?
Kaito - Busy
I am back! Thank you Heiji-mod for covering for me when I went MIA. That was irresponsible of me and I profusely apologize. I feel like I barely survived...

Anyway, may I take a headcount to know who is still around and who are still in the midst of their finals and require a hiatus?
(OOC: Oh cripes that was a hard semester, right to the end, but I'm glad my class is done and no school for me for a month or so. As it is, we're gonna relax the 'post-once-a-week' rule for a couple weeks, as I know people are cramming for finals and finishing projects(including Kaito-mod). Feel free to post when you feel like it, but I think we'll pick up the rule again the week of New Years. Good luck!)

Heiji muses and ponders a question to the taxi driver...Collapse )
29th-Nov-2009 05:52 pm - [ooc] Atttention all players!
Mod - Kid
Hello everyone~

First, we mods apologize for the tardiness of our own posts and how sloppy we've been at the game. Our only excuse is life's been getting pretty busy on our ends as well. We should have given prior warning. Sorry.

Given that it's the final crunch for a lot of people, can we have a survey of who is still around and whether a break is required?

Also, we seem to have lost contact with Aoko-mun. Aoko-mun, if you see this, please contact one of the mods ASAP. If we do not receive news from you in a week from today, we will be forced to remove you from the game.

And lastly, if there's any questions, concerns, suggestions, feel free to post it here~
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